Protecting and restoring the natural world is essential for maintaining a healthy plantet. But nature and wildlife contribute so much more: beautiful and inspiring vistas, restful and reflective spaces, stimulating and rewarding opportunities to understand nature, space for comminity activities, and much more. Our physical and mental well-being is rooted in nurturing these wonderful environments.

Our first Wildlife Walk on Catteshall Meadow, part of the Lammas Land in Godalming, 10th May 2024.

Wednesday 29th May, 3:00pm, Departing from Godalming Library, Family Friendly.

Wednesday 31st July, 3:00pm, Departing from Godalming Library, Family Friendly.

Wednesday 28th August, 3:00pm, Departing from Godalming Library, Family Friendly.

It may be dry weather, but the Lammas Lands are a flood plain; wellington boots or equivalent are recommended.

We are so fortunate to live in a beautiful and inspiring part of the United Kingdom. Waverley, and its bordering boroughs and towns, has a plethora of green spaces and nature reserves. Waverley Borough Council own, manage and / or have responsiblity for the following spaces:

In and around Cranleigh: Summerlands Estate (0.9 miles).

In and around Farnham: Badshot Lea Pond (2.5 miles), Bealeswood Common (5.8 miles), Farnham Park (0.7 miles), The Flashes (6.3 miles), Frensham Great Pond & Common (5 miles), Rowhill Copse (2.7 miles), Weybourne Nature Reserve (1.7 miles).

In and around Godalming: Blackheath Common (6.7 miles), Broadwater Park (1.6 miles), Lammas Lands (0.2 miles), Mare Hill Common (4.8 miles), The Phillips Memorial Park (0.1 miles).

A number of these areas have attracted Green Flag Awards: Badshot Lea, Bealeswood Common, Blackheath Common, Broadwater Park, Farnham Park, Frensham Great Pond & Common, the Lammas Land, Mare Hill Common, The Phillips Memorial Park, Summerlands Estate, Weybourne Nature Reserve.

There are many others nature reserves in a around Waverley, follow the links below to the Surrey Wildlife Trust’s pages on each reserve.

In and around Cranleigh: Colekitchen Down (6.8 miles), Cucknell’s Wood (3.2 miles), Fir Tree Copse (4.6 miles), Hackhurst Downs (7.1 miles), Vann Lake & Cand’s Copse (9 miles), Wallis Wood (4.7 miles).

In and around Haslemere: Cooksbridge Meadow Nature Reserve (4.1 miles).

In and around Farnham: Ancells Farm Nature Reserve (7.6 miles), Ash Ranges (9.3 miles), Crooksbury Hill (2.9 miles), Littlefield Common (9 miles), North Warnborough Greens Nature Reserve (8.8 miles), Runfold Wood (2.4 miles), Thundry Meadows (4.4 miles), Underdown (2 miles).

In and around Godalming: Broadstreet, Backside & Rydes Commons (9.1 miles), Chitty’s Common (8.2 miles), Eashing Fields (2.2 miles), Elstead Group of Commons (4.0 miles), Farncome Wood (1.3 miles), Pewley Meadows (5.8 miles), Pucks Oak Barn & McAlmont Reserves (2.8 miles), Rodborough Common (2.5 miles), Stringers Common (7.1 miles), Whitmoor & Rickford Commons (8.5 miles).

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This Spring / Summer we are organising a series of walks around the Catteshall Meadows (part of the Lammas Lands) led by local volunteers who are both passionate and knowledgeable about these areas of special interest for wildflife.