Everybird Visits Godalming, Saturday 6th November, 2021, Crown Court

Nolene and the other Earth Sprites (Treebeard, Elsa, Faraday) assisted by and the Drumming Wizard, wake Everybird from the womb of the earth to take messages to the human leaders meeting in Glasgow for COP26.
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The Earth Sprites

The Earth Sprites are emerging because the humans are damaging the planet. The humans need help, many of them are not aware of harm they are causing to the creatures of the land and sea, and to themselves!

The Earth Sprites are so concerned that they have awoken Everybird, their leader, from her millennial slumber in the ‘Womb of the Earth’, to help guide the humans to a balanced way of life, respecting the planet and all its inhabitants.

Nolene, a troublesome Earth Sprite who cares deeply about the troublesome humans.

Treebeard, a wise Earth Sprite who protects the forests and the land.

Elsa, a majestic Earth Sprite who protects the sea and all its creatures.

Faraday, a scientific Earth Sprite who is suspiciously ‘human’.

Godalming’s Earth Sprites need your HELP!

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Earth Sprites Emerging: The story so far:

“During COP26 the Earth Sprites: Treebeard, Elsa and Faraday – accompanied by the Drumming Wizard – met in Godalming to awaken Nolene. They understood that, although troublesome, Nolene was the best at communicating with the Earth Sprites, with the humans and, most importantly, Everybird. Nolene awoke to find that the Earth Sprites were concerned: the humans had been damaging the Earth, they needed Nolene to call on Everybird to rise from the the ‘Womb of the Earth’ to help stop the humans destroying the planet. With the help of the people of Godalming, Everybird arose, and speaking in ‘flute’, she asked for messages from the people of Godalming to take to the leaders meeting in Glasgow.

In July 2022, the Earth Sprites returned to the streets of Godalming. Treebeard, in his new role as CEO of the World Wide Wood, had been working hard to create the Green Leaf Stamp award, to be given to wood-worthy businesses, those helping support and nurture the earth and all its creatures. Sadly, none of the businesses applying for the award: ‘Take the Biscuit’, ‘Snake Oil Inc.’ and ‘Natty Nuts’, were successful.

This summer (2023), the Earth Sprites have a new idea. Inspired by Treebeard’s dream about humans sharing (a concept that Nolene finds hard to believe), Faraday’s ‘facts’ about how humans are affecting the planet and the need for a hammer, Everybird introduces the Earth Sprites to her ‘Library of Things’. Could this be a solution to the mountains of waste generated by humans? Could this mean that the humans would stop making things?

See the story unfold in the What Next Eco-theatre Group’s ‘Rubbish’ Puppet Theatre production of:

The Godalming Museum, 1st and 3rd June, performances at 12pm and 2pm.

The Godalming Green Gala, 12th August, performances at 12pm and 2pm.

The Eco-theatre Group

The group meet regularly on Saturday afternoons and work together to create stories, characters and events. We love working with our Earth Sprite characters (see above) and there is always room for more Earth Sprites to emerge, but we also work on other ideas, including climate comedy. We also have our own puppet theatre created from re-used waste materials. We perform on the streets of Godalming, at local events / festivals and at the What Next Centre on our Eco-tainment evenings. We’re also keen to bring our productions to other groups and venues where possible.

All material is designed to inform, educate, influence, encourage and entertain audiences about the climate and ecological emergency.

Currently meeting on most Saturday Afternoons, 4:00pm to 6:00pm.

All sessions are free of charge, but we would welcome any donations to help meet our running costs.

Earth Sprite Puppet Show

The Earth Sprite Puppet Show featuring Treebeard, Elsa, Faraday and a puppet Mayor was at the Godalming Green Gala, Saturday 13th August, 2022.

The auditorium.
Puppets on tour at the Green Gala.
The show.

The Earth Sprite in Crown Court, Saturday 9th July, 2022.

Treebeard considering whether to award Natty Nuts the Green Leaf Stamp.
Nolene escapes from being a puppet.
Elsa joins Treebeard in his deliberations.