New Regular Activity: the What Next Climate Club

1st and 3rd Fridays, 5:00pm to 8:00pm.

Conversation, information, video clips and a shared supper. Bring your own food or share some soup and snacks with us. Come along anytime during the evening; video clips from 6:30pm. Click here for more details.

Next club gathering: Friday 3rd December.

Theme: Engaging People in the Climate Conversation

CONGRATULATIONS to all the Earthshot Prize Winners. We will be following your progress over the next decade.

Our third update from COP26

Our second update from COP26

Our first update from COP26

Nolene and the Earth Sprites wake Everybird

Find the message you asked Everybird to send to COP26.

The UK Government’s Net Zero Strategy has been published. Click below to download the report.

Our analysis of the UK Net Zero Strategy

Some other initial reponses / analysis:

The Institutue of Government



Other climate related reports

There is a climate and ecological emergency. We need to work together to minimise the change and adapt to the consequences. We need to take action on a Local as well as Global scale. At What Next? our goal is to support local communities across Waverley Borough in mitigating, preparing and adapting to the impact of climate change and ecological damage. We aim to provide: information, support, advice, guidance and action. Equally important, we aim to provide: entertainment, joy, opportunities for creativity, music, fun, connection and, most all, hope for the future.

Folllow us on:

Our Other Mother Exhibit at What Next throughout November; click for details

Programme and Events

All our programmes, workshops and other events are FREE to members of the general public. However, we would be grateful for any donations to support our running costs.


We want to help people understand and be informed about the Climate and Ecological Emergency.

Our Centres

In Godalming, we are based in the What Next Climate Emergency Centre, 11 Wharf Street, Godalming, GU7 1NN, where we run our programmes, workshops and other events.

In Farnham, we have yet to find a venue, but we will be bringing our activities to the people of Farnham in other ways.

In Haslemere, we hope to run our activities in collaboration with our friends and colleagues in the town.

In Cranleigh, we hope to run our activities in collaboration with our friends and colleagues in the village.

What Next is part of the CEC UK Network.