Insulating Your Loft: investing in insulating your loft can pay for itself within 12-18 months and save up to a tonne of CO2.

    • Estimated cost: £890 (detached); £590 (mid-terrace)
    • Estimated annual saving: £590 (detached); £330 (mid-terrace)
    • Estimated pay-back time: 18 to 22 months
    • Estimated Annual CO2 saving: 1 tonne (detached house); 0.56 tonnes (mid-terrace)

    Source: Energy Saving Trust; Updated: 8th February 2023

    Insulating Your Cavity Walls: investing in cavity wall insulation can pay for itself with 24-36 months and save more than a tonne of CO2.

    • Estimated cost: £1,800 (detached house); £580 (mid-terrace)
    • Estimated annual saving: £690 (detached house); £235 (mid-terrace)
    • Estimated pay-back time: 30 to 36 months
    • Estimated CO2 saving: 1.2 tonne (detached house); 0.4 tonnes (mid-terrace)

    Source: Energy Saving Trust; Updated: 8th February 2023

    LED Light Bulbs: these bulbs convert 95% of their energy into light and only 5% into heat, making them 80-90% more efficient than traditional fluorescent or incandescent bulbs and 40% more efficient than compact fluorescent lamps (CFL).

    • Estimated Cost: £152 to replace all bulbs
    • Estimated annual saving: £580 (Inc. to LED); £528 (Inc. to CFL); £52 (CFL to LED)
    • Estimated pay-back time: 3 months (Inc. to LED); 4 months (Inc. to CFL); 3 yrs (CFL to LED)
    • Estimated CO2 saving: 360 kg/yr (Inc. to LED); 330 kg/yr (Inc. to CFL); 30 kg/yr (CFL to LED)

    Assumptions: 3 bedroom house, a combination of central ceiling lights, spotlights and lamps, 38 bulbs in total.

      Source: Energy Saving Trust & What Next estimates

      Consider switching to a 100% Renewable Tariff for your electricity. Sadly, although renewable energy is anything from

      • Estimated Cost / Saving: this will depend on any deals offered by providers for renewable tariffs as comopared to traditional tariffs.
      • Estimated CO2 saving:

      Consider installing Solar Panels with Feed-in Tariff.

      With typical electricity costs ~34p/unit (Nov. 2022), the investment of £6,000-£7,000 can now be recouped in less than a decade, even sooner with a feed in tariff.

      Consider installing an Air or Ground Source Heat Pump will reduce your energy usage for heating by between 75% and 80%.

      In Godalming, this would save about 1.85 tonne of CO2 for a typical household and you can save even more CO2 by also switching to a renewable tariff; grants available.