We are looking for more Earth Sprites

  • Do you have an Earth Sprite?
  • Can you imagine one?
  • Have you seen one somewhere else?

Earth Sprites are emerging all over the planet, but particularly in Godalming! They have come to speak to humans about their concerns for our planet, the animals and plants, and to help fix things.

Godalming’s Earth Sprites emerged during COP26, when Treebeard, Elsa and Faraday awoke the troublesome Nolene and together they called upon Everybird to arise from the ‘Womb of the Earth’.

We have a task for YOU!

Earth Sprites come into being through our imaginations. Godalming needs more to join the five we already have. Can you imagine one? What might it look like? What does it want to say to us humans? How can they help us save the planet for everyone?

Describe the Earth Sprite you have imagined in words, with a drawing or painting, make a collage, make a puppet or dress up as your Earth Sprite. If you make something, or dress up, please use Earth Friendly materials.

We run occasional Earth Sprite Workshops the next one is planned for late July – watch this space. Join us and spend the afternoon with Nolene creating your own Earth Sprite through words or artwork.

Earth Sprites Activities in Godalming, Summer 2023

  • Thursday 1st June, see the Earth Sprites (in puppet form) perform ‘If I Had A Hammer’ in their ‘Rubbish Puppet Theatre’; Godalming Museum, performance times 12:00pm and 2:00pm.
  • Saturday 3rd June, see the Earth Sprites (in puppet form) perform ‘If I Had A Hammer’ in their ‘Rubbish Puppet Theatre’; Godalming Museum, start-times 12:00pm and 2:00pm.
  • Late July, Earth Sprite Workshop, Godaming Library. Create your own Earth Sprite. Details soon.
  • Saturday 12th August, Godalming’s Third Green Gala, Bury’s Field: Present your imagined Earth Sprite to the Mayor of Godalming in the What Next Lounge and see the Earth Sprites (in puppet form) perform ‘If I Had A Hammer’ in their ‘Rubbish Puppet Theatre’; performance times 12:00pm and 2:00pm.

Meet Godalming’s Current Earth Sprites

Everybird was called from the woods near Haslemere; she is deeply connected to the trees and the birds.  During COP 26 she came to Godalming to the sound of a drum, a flute and the songs of concerned citizens. Her mission is to take messages from people in the street to the powerful people who can make most change.

Nolene is a grumpy truth-sayer who was first seen in a garden in Farncombe. She doesn’t quite understand human’s obsession with being tidy and needing so many ‘things’; she has a deep love of garden wildlife.

Treebeard the ‘wise’ wishes that we protect the trees and plants and all that live in them. He has created the World Wide Wood award for people and businesses who take care of the planet. Do you qualify?

Elsa comes from the sea, the waves and the creatures of the sea move within her. She is a delicate soul who likes the cold. She speaks in movement that comes with her from the depths of the sea where not even David Attenborough has been.

Faraday is a scientific Earth Sprite, some say that he is really a human, no-one knows for sure. He is full of data, analysis and understanding about the Climate Crisis and he can’t wait to share his thoughts with you.